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We reserve the right to make substantive changes on the website. Content errors are possible and we are not responsible for them. We try to ensure the best possible product photos, but nevertheless, we need to see the photos as symbolic. The published content is owned by the company Svetila Prosenak, Damijan Prosenak s.p., or the company has the consent of the author for publication. Any copying without the knowledge of the company is prohibited.

Data collection and protection

Company Svetila Prosenak, Damijan Prosenak s.p. protects the confidentiality of personal data and use it exclusively to provide the services it provides. We collect two types of data:

a) we use Google Analytics to analyze website visits: the purpose of collecting these data is to provide a better user experience. It is recorded, for example, the course and duration of web browsing, but the personal information of the user of the website is not stored. Users can reject storage of this data by disabling Google Analytics' cookies when they first visit our website (and also later on through privacy settings). Storage time of this data is 26 months.

b) the data you provide us: these are personal data for business needs and communication with the buyer. Data such as e-mail address and telephone number that the user himself sends when communicating with the company is stored locally in a safe way for the possible provision of after-sales services (e.g. additional orders, resolution of possible complaints, etc.). All personal data of the user are confidential and will in no case be forwarded to unauthorized persons. If the user wishes, he/she can request the company (in writing or by e-mail) to delete their personal data.